Klean Tunnel

A Multipurpose Check-Point for Cleanliness

About Klean Tunnel

Automatically dispenses hand sanitizer, takes your temperature and mists with an FDA compliant disinfectant safe for humans

Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer

Proven efficacy to last on hands up to 8 hours, with hand washing in between that is FDA approved for food contact surface and EPA registered.

Temperature Check

Checks temperature in less than 5 seconds. Can alarm if a problem is detected and send data alerting necessary parties.

Klean Mist

A full-body disinfecting mist (a FDA compliant product, safe for humans and backed by independent studies) is dispersed upon walking through.

Wifi Data Sharing

Counts people passing through while tracking and reporting data.

Full Body Coverage

In less than 7 seconds, the patron is provided hand-sanitizer, a temperature check, a safe-on-humans disinfectant mist, and counted before walking into the venue.


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Exclusive USA Distributor

Naturally Klean holds exclusive rights to distribute the Klean Tunnels

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